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Print care – to extend your screenprint’s life and maximise your enjoyment!

But first please note – All our screen prints are created by hand, and each one is unique, no matter if it’s screenprinted onto paper or  t-shirt, poster or bag. Because of this, small and beautiful print variations will occur. Embrace them and the charm of individuality.

Caring for your print – PAPER

Handle Paper prints with Care – Don’t forget to avoid direct sunlight, extreme temperatures and moisture conditions.
The print care pro’s would recommend a pair of white cotton glove’s. While we wouldn’t neccessarily go that far, good clean hands are a must!
If you receive your print rolled in a tube, it will flatten out easily if you give it a day or two unrolled and flattened under some books or other heavy weights. Just watch out for sharp edges!
Depending on the purpose of your print selection, you might considering framing your work. We highly reccommend this in order to prolong the life of your print. Either leave it to some professionals or do it yourself.  There are a huge range of framing services available online and in local art shops. If you need any framing advice please get in touch. I have years of experience with the process and the choices available.

Caring for your print- TEXTILE

Prints onto Textile are fixed, but still it is a good idea not to wash at temperatures over 40 degrees. In fact the best wash temperature for the screenprint, for the environment and for cotton in general is 0 degrees! With printed clothing and bags, it is always a good idea to wash them inside out. The best time to straighten the seams is when you are hanging them. This will prevent stretching and twisting.

By the way, if your t-shirt, sweatshirt or hoody is a little large, it is possible to shrink it using a hot wash. Start with 60 degrees and see what happens. But in this case – the outcome is entirely your responsibility.