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So my name is Dylan and I run Lysergic with my partner Maria. It’s a label to present our (mostly) screenprinted artwork, occasionally alongside collaborations with some of our friends. For us, it’s not enough to sell a thing for a profit without sharing some information about how the business works and our environmental and ethical concerns.  And how we work with our money. I think this form of transparency should be a bare minimum for any business!

When you look at the planet it is clear that capitalism is simply not working – inequality, environment, resource depletion, pollution, child labor, profit at all costs. So OF COURSE we try to run Lysergic in a more alternative, progressive way… truly towards a cleaner, more equal and joyful future. Think fair trade instead of capitalism. Sustainability instead of growth.

The first step is our choice embrace sustainable practices and environmentally friendly priorities. Read more about that here – Lysergic Organic and Fair Trade.

We need to demand transparency from the businesses who make all the products we consume.  We need also to demand  transparency from the governments and institutions that control these businesses. To ensure that our environment and our fellow humans  are not being exploited in order to bring you your new stuff. In the end it always seems to make more sense to support small local and independent businesses. Upcycling, repairing and repurposing can be a very fulfilling lifes work!


For now , the label is 100% collective as all profits get shared equally between all the workers – It’s just there aren’t any other workers  🙂 🙂 Whenever we collaborate with other artists, they get a fair share.

Many Tentacles, the open workshop where we print and participate is located in House Schwarzenberg, a self organized, non-profit, tolerant and non-discriminatory organisation. An open and creative community space.


Since 5 years Lysergic is a full time business, selling on the markets and in some Berlin galleries. So far we are just able to sustain our Berlin existence (rent, medical insurance and tax!)

We bank ethically with GLS, eat bio vegan, renewable energy, turn off the lights. Even this website is also hosted with green energy.

We are open to new ideas, so if you see ways we can improve just let us know !!!