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Printing history

Lysergic pull artistic and inspired prints in a DIY workshop in Berlin, using organic textiles and environmentally sound colors.

Formed as a partnership in 2011 with Fine Brendtner and Dylan Bakker at the helm, we printed out of a Friedrichshain bedroom using a home made setup and super long exposure times. Our works  were distributed at Tacheles art house in Berlin Mitte…

Tacheles is gone now and so is most of the bedroom printing and the bathtub scrubbing.  Even Fine has moved on, so now Lysergic is just Dylan, happy to work with the Vetomat printing collective, still in Friedrichshain. At Vetomat we host, share and teach a creative, non-commercial orientated printing style.


Currently Lysergic prints the artwork of Dylan Bakker on organic and ethically produced T’s, hoods, sweats and bags as usual, as well as fine art prints in limited editions on paper, and also on various other mediums like wood and glass.

Lysergic artworks are for sale online and at Mauer Park flea market in Berlin. Dylan’s art is represented in Berlin by the Neuro Titan shop and gallery (Mitte), White Grid Gallery (Kreuzberg) and Serigraffeur (Friedrichshain).

Print with us

We are open to collaboration. Either we print together or we print for you. Just get in touch… we will work something out.

Contact us

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