Hello. Here is the new Lysergic Screenprint website!! Welcome!! A new online home for my art prints on fair trade organic t-shirts, patches, paper prints, artworks and the rest of it. Even the site is hosted with environmentally friendly sustainable green hosting.

I took a few days off from the family to get this site completed! It’s still a work in progress, especially the products and product photos… but it’s work I enjoy and the prints are getting better and better, as is my stock management and packaging technique.

This new website has a clearer focus on the webshop and the prints and products. Although I like being on the market and showing the works in person, well, it’s 2017 right, time to get better with the e-world, and perhaps one day be enabled to survive outside of the city systems….

I will make some posts here about my shared workshop Vetomat. About some of the artists I am lucky to work with. About organic fabrics, ethical business, local sourcing, recycling and upcycling… About screenprintting techniques and events. Who knows.

So go take a look at the shop, keep in touch….  There are always new prints coming and good things in the works…. plus some new blog posts along the way