STARSEEKER Screenprint Back Patch


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We are all made out of the dust of stars. Forgetting the place we came from, forgetting the games we play with our own existence. Nothing is ever the same from moment to moment and the Universe is the most present in our lives.

Live well, stardust creature. Seek no stars, rather be with them. To know who you truly are.

Artwork and text (excerpt) from Maria Cukorova.

Hand printed in black on a stable white cotton.

We have sewn these patches onto hoodies and bags, and they survive perfectly.

This print is 29cm wide and 40cm high. The fabric is a bit bigger, but sometimes tight. In this case, better to sew it on without a border.

This patch can be washed up to 30 degrees, but cold is definitely best for you, your clothes and the environment.

Every print is done by hand, so small beautiful variations may occur.

Hand printed in Berlin with waterbased colors (free from Phthalat, Formaldehyde, PVC and APEO).