Sundays aren’t always sunny, but they’re always spent outdoors for us at Mauer Park Flohmarkt. Rain, hail, snow or shine. Actually it is the wind and the dust that are the worst enemies of our paper prints. Market life is early Sunday mornings hitting the streets as the neighbours are still coming home from nights out. Wheeling the wagon through the empty kiez and setting up shop and having breakfast before the masses begin to arrive.

It’s a crazy market, with up to 30,000 guest per Sunday! But most of them are tourists these days. The Berliners tend to go to the smaller markets off the beaten track where there are better bargains to be found. Or so they say. But one thing about being there so early in the morning is the chance to check out the back area with stands from the private sellers. The ones that aren’t part of the Berlin art and design mafia (like us). Nor the Berlin cardboard box mafia, those professional second hand wares sellers with horrible prices and service. From Springtime on come the real private dealers, clearing out their old Auntie’s celler or the grandparent’s attic. There are still some gems to be found. So bring it on. The leaves are starting to come back, the birds are chirping and the Magpies are beginning to swarm.