Hello Internet visitors. Here is a super brief update from inside the German lock down.

Mauer Park flea Market is suspended and our workshop shop Many Tentacles is also closed. We are using the opportunity to lay low, start a vege garden and learn some new recipes.

Printing is on hold while we refurbish our studio, but expect some new designs and movements in a few weeks.

In between our online shop and Etsy shop are still open and we are shipping as usual. Your custom is much appreciated.

Reading about the many global challenges this situation has bought about are a good reminder to stand in solidarity … as always we support vegan, ethical, organic and fair traded items as much as we can.
Berlin is a pretty good space to be right now, so we are looking at ways to help out globally on other levels. Let us know if you have any leads or needs.

Wish you all the best, good health and cheer. Thanks for visiting.